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Speciale glasvezelkabels


Flextube - Staaldraad-bewapend

Suitable for installation in sewer, with heavy protection by the steel wires. The flexible micro-modules provide easier storage & faster installation and access to the fibres without specific tools.

Flextube - Gecorrugeerd staaltape

This cable is designed for man accessible sewer used in FTTH networks. After opening a window on the outer sheath with a dedicated tool, the fibre modules (Flextube) can be pulled back over 30m.

Loose tube - Gecorrugeerd staaltape

Corrugated steel tape armoured cables are very suitable for sewer installation where there is high risk of rodent presence. Armoured structure and double jacket provides additional compressive strength and complete rodent protection. Double polythene sheath structure protects against corrosive environments