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Splice protectors

Splice protectors

Customer Connection Kit (AC021-05)

The Customer Connection Kit is designed for use in residential and business applications. It is used to protect a fusion splice at the floor level near the building riser. The kit enables the installer to splice a fibre from the riser cable to the customer fibre and feed the fusion Splice into the embedded corrugated tubes linking the Riser Vane to the Customer Apartment.

Fusion splice protector (AC023-03)

Fusion splice protectors are used to protect the fibre splice after splicing. Heat shrink splice protectors can be supplied in diameters of 2.2mm or 2.4mm, and in lengths of 45mm or 60mm. Mechanical crimp splice protectors are 1.3mm thick and 3.3mm high. They are supplied in lengths of 30mm. All options are available to be supplied in packs of 12 or 50.