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Generic Rack 3A (RA002-06)

The Generic Rack 3A (GR3A) is designed for use in the exchange, cable chamber and customer premises for cross connection purposes. The GR3A can also be used for the transition from external to internal cable. The GR3A must be used in conjunction with a Rack Splicing Module 3A.

19” / ETSI Standard Racks (RA004-04)

The 19” / ETSI racks are standard racks for optical fibre distribution. The racks are available in heights of 42U (2000mm) and 47U (2200mm), and are able to accommodate a range of distribution equipment including Splicing and Patching Shelves and Distribution Sub-Racks. The racks are supplied fully built with a frame, side and rear panels, doors and a brushed roof for patch cord routing.

Modular Main Rack (RA005-07)

The Modular Main Rack (MMR) is a standard ETSI rack, composed of three independent frames, two Side Channels (left and right) and the Main Frame. The main frame allows the mounting of the Sliding Sub-rack (SSR) series. Three types of Sliding Sub-Rack are available, a Splicing Sub-Rack (SSR-S), a Patching Sub-Rack (SSR-P) and a Splicing and Patching Sub-Rack (SSR-SP) Each Sliding Sub-Rack is 3U in height.

Mini Rack (RA006-04)

The Mini Rack (MR) is a reduced width rack for use in the exchange or central office where space is at a premium. The MR can be fitted with Compact Sub-Racks (CSR), which can each accommodate up to 24 connectors on a splice and patch basis. The Compact Sub Racks have 12 splice trays offering single circuit management.

RS3000 Rack (RA007-06)

The RS3000 Rack is a standard rack with 19” mounting rails, used to accommodate a range of SRS3000 shelves and sub-racks or any other 19” rack mounted products. The rack is 900mm wide by 300mm in depth and is available in 42U and 47U heights (2000 and 2200mm). The rack is supplied with side panels and transparent doors.

Optical Consolidation Rack (OCR) (RA009-05)

The Optical Consolidation Rack (OCR) is designed for use in the exchange for the splicing of network fibres to pre-connectorised cables, for direct connection to the active equipment. The OCR is supplied in a flat pack format and can be built by one person. The rack can accommodate up to eight OCR sub-racks.