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Blown fibre termination boxes

Blown fibre termination boxes

MDU Optical Distribution Box (WM008-06)

The Multi Dwelling Unit (MDU) enables the distribution of optical fibre within a residential building / business dwelling.

Riser Box (WM013)

The Riser Box is designed for use within apartment blocks and mid/high rise office blocks. The unit houses a single integral splice tray, and allows fibres from an in-line or butt Blown Fibre tube cable to be spliced up to 12 customer drop cables. In cases where Blown Fibre tube cables are to be used for the customer drops, bulkhead tube connectors can be fitted to the unit.

FTTH Streetside Cabinet (OP016)

The FTTH Streetside Cabinet is a distribution/drop off access point within a blown fibre network. The cabinet allows a blown fibre cable of up to 24 tubes to be connected and distributed to up to 24 single tube blown cables.