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Accessoires en Gereedschappen

Accessoires en Gereedschappen

VertiCasaXS Cable Stripping tool (VST) (AC009-05)

The Sirocco Tube Distribution Closure (TDC) MK II is a direct bury inline sealed closure (IP 68 Rated) designed for intercepting a blown fibre tube cable / duct assembly to a allow multiple spur-off's to smaller blown fibre tube cables or ducts.

VertiCasaXS Crimp Set (AC010-06)

VertiCasaXS Storage Reel (AC017-03)

VertiCasaXS Bend Managers (AC020-03)

VertiCasaXS Stripping Tool - Compact (AC022-03)

VertiCasaXS Mechanical Splice Holder (MSH) (WM024-05)

VertiCasaXS Cable Protection Cover (WM027-07)