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Basement demarcation box

Basement demarcation box

Multi Dwelling Unit (MDU) Wall Box (WM008-06)

The Multi Dwelling Unit (MDU) enables the distribution of optical fibre within a residential building / business dwelling. There are two standard sizes of MDU available to cover a wide range of applications.

Multi-Operator MDU Distribution Box (MMDB) (WM023-06)

The Multi-Operator MDU Distribution Box (MMDB) allows the connection of several operators to a shared internal building network. This MMDB can be installed in the building basement.

Internal/External Splice Wall Box (WM029-05)

The Internal/External Distribution Box is designed for the splicing of optical cables in either internal or external applications. There are three units available - 48 fibre, 96 fibre and 144 fibre all of which are wall mountable.

Internal Splitter Node (WM050-03)

The Internal Splitter Node is an internal wall box typically used in large MDU’s, for the connection of customer drop cables to a building cable, via an optical splitter/s. The unit can accommodate up to two splitters of up to 1x32 configuration.