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Burj Khalifa

The sky’s the limit

Burj Khalifa

October 2007 - Reaching more than half a kilometre into the sky, the £500m Burj Khalifa Tower is not only the world’s tallest tower, it is currently the first Dubai development to specify Prysmian FP Plus Flex enhanced fire performance cable in accordance with UK standard requirements of BS5839-1:2002.

At the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, Prysmian Group has taken safety on each of its 162 floors to new heights. The length of the fire resistant cables, fitted with over 700,000 fi re-resistant accessories, is over 1,300 times the height of the tower. The cable is being used to power the fire alarm and emergency lighting systems, with Prysmian FP400 cable entrusted to power essential circuits and power supplies to the building as part of the £1.8 million contract.

The Group has also supplied specially engineered cables to support the performance of elevators within the building that are among the world’s fastest.