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2 Million ELASPEED joints for Power Distribution networks


Milaan, Italië


Prysmian Group’s Network Components factory in Gron (France) has recently produced 2 millionth ELASPEED® Medium Voltage joint.

This is a significant milestone in the successful history of this breakthrough cold shrink Medium Voltage joint’s concept developed by Prysmian engineers over 20 years ago and installed by major worldwide utilities in their Power Distribution networks. ConEdison, Hydroquébec, EDF, ENEL, TNB, STEG, Union Fenosa and many other customers are using these joint with total satisfaction.

The original idea was to manufacture a joint "like a cable”. Due to the joint efforts of both the central R&D (Quattordio) and the factory (Gron), the product has been developed and improved from Version 1 launched in 1994 up to the brand new Compact version born in 2010.

Thanks to the cold shrink technology of ELASPEED®, connection of medium voltage cables has reached a new standard of quality as one accessory kit model proves suitable for a wide range of cable sizes: inventory management and choice are thus simplified. The installation of the accessory is fast and easy and product performances do not depend on jointers’ skills or knowledge. Outstanding performance of mechanical, thermal and electrical parameters is ensured for the entire life time of the cable itself.

Flexibility of design and manufacturing process allows multiple applications on the network

  • Voltage classes: 11kV to 36 kV IEC and to 35 kV IEEE
  • Sections 25 to 1000 mm2
  • Connection of cables with synthetic insulation material
  • Transition joints between cables with synthetic insulation and paper insulated cables (with migrant or non-migrant type impregnating material, 1-core and 3-core)
  • Branch joint
  • Stop ends

Today, we are proud to claim 2 million units of ELASPEED® in service worldwide in different environmental conditions and multiple voltage classes up to 36 kV.