Certification of Raw Materials Passport

Prysmian Netherlands commences with the certification of raw materials passports

18/09/2023 - 12:00 AM

On September 15, Cristina Scelza, CEO of Prysmian Netherlands, received one of the first certificates from Commercial Manager Leendert van der Marel of Kiwa Nederland B.V. during the festive Ksandr Live XL event. Alexander van der Lof, CEO of TKH group, also received such a Kiwa certificate. The two cable manufacturers clearly play a pioneering role when it comes to making the cable industry more sustainable.


Sustainability and circularity are spearheads for Prysmian Group. Not only for the own organization, but also for market relations, including network operators (Utilities). They face a major challenge to facilitate the energy transition and to make the infrastructure (gas and electricity) more sustainable. When purchasing products such as cables, they find raw material passports important to concretize their ambitions. These documents provide insight into the amount of recycled and recyclable raw materials of a product. Prysmian Netherlands has been providing raw material passports for all cables it supplies to the sector for years. But it can always be more sustainable.


From self-declaration to certificate

A raw materials passport is a so-called self-declaration. No matter how transparent the data in the document is, the sender is still the manufacturer itself. The data processing process has not been verified by an independent party. In order to offer network operators more certainty about the validity of the data, Ksandr, a partnership of the network operators in the Netherlands, has started a proof-of-concept to have the circularity data in raw materials passports validated by an independent party. Kiwa drew up a Covenant with conditions that the data processing process for raw materials passports must meet in order to arrive at a raw materials passport accepted by accountants and subsidy providers. Prysmian Delft was recently successfully audited as a pilot in accordance with the Kiwa Covenant, resulting in the first certificate.


Mandatory certification

Prysmian Netherlands is one of the first cable producers to have an independent inspection body verify whether it has filled in the raw material passports (GSPP) truthfully. And the Kiwa certification is more than a formal touch, explains Joannes Vonk, Business Manager PD at Prysmian Netherlands. "The intention is to certify the process by doing an audit every year. And if we change the circularity data of raw materials into a raw materials passport, we will from now on submit the burden of proof to Kiwa. " Vonk expects the certificate to become more important when grid operators value sustainability more in tenders. " Certification will become mandatory so that accountants can now include the raw materials passports in the operating result without verification." In short, Prysmian Netherlands is taking the next big step towards green cable solutions.