Barnicol E-LINE

The safest and most durable casting resin: Barnicol E-LINE

Barnicol E-LINE protects cables and saves people and the environment.

12/09/2023 - 11:25 AM

Draka makes the connection, branching and repair of low-voltage cables safer and more durable with Barnicol E-LINE. The new generation of casting resin is, among other things, CMR and isocyanate free and contains biobased ingredients. At the same time, the quality is as usual: Barnicol E-LINE insulates and protects excellently. In combination with a Barnicol casting joint, you can recognize any underground or above-ground cable connection quickly and in a clean way.

Barnicol E-LINE is perhaps the safest and most durable casting resin on the market. Where other casting resins still contain various chemicals, Draka's new casting resin is much less toxic, for mechanics and the environment. The high-quality epoxy-based casting resin is free of CMR substances, (di)isocyanates and halogen. Substances of Very High Concern (SVHC) such as H314 and H411 have also been banned. In addition, the casting resin has a green color, which immediately recognizes that it is durable and safe.


Certified, biobased and nitrogen-reducing

Draka produces Barnicol E-LINE according to the European REACH and RoHS directives and supplies the casting resin with a REACH and RoHS declaration. At the same time, the cable manufacturer is adding 20 percent biobased ingredients to the new resin. Furthermore, the plastic outer packaging has been replaced by a paper bag, with a clear product description. All measures together, result in a significant reduction in CO2, which means that this innovative product fits perfectly within the Draka E-LINE range.


No (di)isocyanate training required

Draka launches the new generation of casting resin at a crucial time. From 24 August 2023, professionals may only work with products containing (di)isocyanates if they have followed special training. This training requirement does not apply to Barnicol E-LINE. The new casting resin is not only healthier for the user, but also less harmful to the environment. Residues of the hardener and resin no longer have to be added to the chemical waste, even after mixing. As a result, the special (di)isocyanate training is unnecessary, and you can immediately start working with Barnicol E-LINE.


High Quality

Barnicol E-LINE casting resin guarantees very good electrical insulation of cable connections with high hardness and mechanical protection. After three minutes of mixing, the self-hardening resin is waterproof (hydrophobic) and excellently heat conductive, so that heat is well dissipated. Due to the low curing temperature, the casting resin is directly applicable under many conditions , below and above ground. The aluminum inner bag makes the casting resin extra long-lasting. Draka supplies Barnicol E-LINE in various volumes; the special variant for central boxes is new (type2A with 286ml).


Quick and clean application

Draka supplies Barnicol E-LINE both separately and in combination with a Barnicol casting joint of your choice (complete kit). Barnicol connecting joints are available in multiple sizes, suitable for electrical applications up to 1 kV and cable cross-sections from 1.5 mm2 to 300 mm2. Thanks to the patented U-shape, any electrician can quickly fill the sleeve and flatten it well without spilling. Draka supplies the Barnicol E-LINE kits with special partitions to ensure a minimum distance between the veins. Barnicol E-LINE will be available from August through the electrical wholesaler.


E-LINE portfolio

Barnicol E-LINE belongs to the new Draka E-LINE portfolio of more sustainable cable solutions with a reduced environmental impact. Draka started E-LINE at the end of last year in response to the increasing need for environmentally friendly construction and installation products. This portfolio of alternative products now also includes VD E-LINE and PROFIT E-LINE and is being expanded every year.