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Which EMC Cable do you choose?

Due to the increase in electrical and electronic equipment, the risk of electromagnetic interference is increasing. These can hinder the proper functioning of machines and installations. 

The installer is responsible for trouble-free operation of installations. It is therefore important to choose EMC cables that sufficiently shield against electromagnetic radiation. The degree of shielding required can vary per situation. In this video, Lars Knoester, product manager at Draka, explains the main differences.



3-cores Vulto EMC

Installation cable
DRAKA_HULTO EMC B2ca_510x510

3-cores Hulto EMC

Installation cable
DRAKA_Motoflex Cca 4G_510x510

4-cores Motoflex EMC

Installation cable
DRAKA_Motoflex Cca 3+3_510x510

3-cores Motoflex EMC

Installation cable


Draka EMC cables Selection leaflet



Steeds meer elektronica wordt gebruikt in de industrie en de nutsvoorzieningen. Denk aan het toenemende gebruik van vermogenselektronica voor industriële installaties en LED-verlichting. Maar ook aan de voortgang van de automatisering en digitalisering en de opmars van draadloze netwerken.

Door de toename van elektrische en elektronische apparatuur neemt het risico op elektromagnetische interferentie toe. Deze kunnen de goede werking van machines en installaties hinderen.

Draka ontwikkelde onlangs een speciale kabel voor de nieuwe generatie frequentieregelaars: Motoflex. Waarom? De nieuwe frequentieregelaars veroorzaken minder EMC-storingen dan hun voorgangers, waardoor VFD-fabrikanten steeds vaker 4-aderige motorkabels met een lagere EMC-afscherming voorschrijven.



EcoCable Label

It is currently difficult for installers and specifiers to determine how sustainable a cable product is. There are no specific, certified eco-labels for the cable industry. This slows down the sustainability and CO2 reduction of electrical installations. To meet the growing demand for proof of environmentally friendly products, parent company Prysmian Group has become the first cable manufacturer to develop its own EcoCable label for cabling.


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Cable solutions for industrial applications. Draka has that too!

For industrial applications, cable reliability is essential. With Draka you know that you always use top quality cables. The cables have not only been developed for the specific area of application, but also for installing the cables as efficiently as possible. The characteristics of the different cables closely match the needs in the market.

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