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Why are PV-cables so important?

The PV or solar cables are part of the Balance of System (BOS) in a PV installation and represent only 1-2% of the total installation cost. Nevertheless, they are critical system components, and their failure disrupts power generation. Utility-scale solar farms are growing in size and operating voltage and the geographical areas where they are installed are more and more subject to extraordinary climate events, extreme and unpredictable. Extreme climate events like heavy rains and floods may cause cable deterioration and failure with negative consequences on power generation capacity, reliability of power supplies and return on investment.


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EcoCable Label

It is currently difficult for installers and specifiers to determine how sustainable a cable product is. There are no specific, certified eco-labels for the cable industry. This slows down the sustainability and CO2 reduction of electrical installations. To meet the growing demand for proof of environmentally friendly products, parent company Prysmian Group has become the first cable manufacturer to develop its own EcoCable label for cabling.


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