Discover more on new websites of Prysmian Group and Draka

Prysmian Group and Draka have revamped their websites. Not only do they contain more information and news. It also makes it easier to navigate thanks to its clear structure and attractive design. And all this in a more secure environment. Find out for yourself!

15/09/2023 - 11:25 AM

If you continuously develop and apply innovative solutions, you want to show this optimally. Because we are proud of the efforts we make as the largest cable producer together with our customers and partners. Whether it concerns products, techniques or projects. And because there is always room for improvement, we are going to profile all this more modernly, via our websites.


Easier and more interactive

We tackled that upgrade in a big way, because a lot has changed. The new websites contain much more information about our products, services and business units. At the same time, we have also improved functionality and navigation with the new design. As a result, you can find relevant information you need faster and - partly thanks to the direct access to social media channels - you can respond more easily.


Plenty of news and current affairs

Because developments follow each other at an ever-increasing pace, we have decided to also increase the topicality of the content. For example, the websites now also contain a blog section with the latest news, stories, updates and insights about our companies and the sectors in which we operate. All news and current affairs clearly together.


Better security

Less visible, but equally important is the improved data security. Especially now that privacy protection is more topical than ever before. With new security protocols, multi-factor authentication and advanced encryption, we optimally protect (sensitive) customer data. For example, when logging in to our portals and signing up for our newsletters.


Exuding authority

We are really excited to launch our new websites. "We are always focused on providing our customers with the best possible service; this is an important step to be able to continue to do that", says Yvonne Steeds, Marketing Manager of Prysmian Netherlands. Moreover, the innovation fits in well with the need of more and more professionals to consult their own company websites  as a primary source of information, before other communication channels such as trade fairs and trade journals.


Enough explained, convince yourself on www.draka.nl or www.prysmiangroup.nl