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You demand cost-effective solutions that are secure, compliant and high-quality. We deliver it.

The Prysmian catalogue of cable systems for upstream applications offers innovative solutions for drilling, sealing and above-ground and subsea production.

We operate globally and support operators in all oil and gas basins in the world. From our worldwide production facilities, we support you in all phases of a project, from design to production and for certain product lines also during installation. After delivery, we are ready with a wide range of maintenance solutions, ensuring that our products safely and reliably deliver the performance you need throughout the life of your project.

Prysmian's Exploration and Production Portfolio:

Prysmian Boorgattechnologie (PDT)

Here we offer the latest of the latest in Tubing Encapsulated Cable (TEC), specialist tubing and optical fibre. These solutions are complemented by cable and control line protections and patented Safety-Strip™ technology, which support the quick and safe installation of intelligent completion systems.


Submarine Umbilicals, Risers and Pipelines (SURF)

Here we offer a full range of multipurpose umbilicals and flexible pipes. Prysmian's SURF portfolio combines innovation with the highest engineering standards. The package is rounded off by a comprehensive range of installation services, with which we can help you solve the challenges of your most demanding subsea applications.



Our product range for drilling applications offers service loops in a variety of either conventional or advanced design configurations and bridle systems.


Artificial Lift

Our dedicated ESP cable solutions support the extended lifespan of artificial lift systems in oilfield environments, no matter how challenging. This equally covers critical wells with high workover costs, corrosive conditions or high temperatures.

The exploration and production portfolio is rounded off by the renowned Prysmian Core Cables catalogue. The range ranges from HS and control to instrumentation and optical fibre systems for offshore and onshore applications. For every environment, no matter how demanding, we offer specialized products that ensure optimal resistance to fire, hydrocarbon jets and mud. The range complies with all leading international standards and products can be tailored to local requirements.