Power Distribution


Prysmian has solutions to help network operators and utilities, industrial companies and installers with the transport and distribution of the energy that runs on just about every aspect of our world.

Our product portfolio includes, for example, medium voltage cable systems by both air and ground (including all conceivable network components) for the connection of industrial buildings and/or residential construction to the main distribution network. But of course we also supply low-voltage cable systems for power distribution and cabling to buildings.


A 100% eco-friendly cable with fully recyclable component parts. The streamlined manufacturing process provides customers with fast delivery and increased carbon efficiency in a form that is fully compatible with their existing networks.  Discover more

Smart Grid

Advanced, high-performance cables and network components not only increase the reliability and efficiency of networks, but can also prevent power failures and reduce overall maintenance costs. Discover more



A groundbreaking solution that offers better mechanical protection than conventional steel-sheathed cables – and at a lower cost. At the same time, the functional advantages of cables without sheathing are preserved.



High Temperature overhead lines