With energy coming from a variety of sources, including wind, solar and hydroelectric, distribution networks today need cables that can handle fluctuations in demand. P-Laser is the solution.

The P-Laser is a 100% environmentally friendly cable made of thermoplastic materials.

500 kg of high-quality plastic can be recovered from each kilometre of P-Laser cable.

An innovative production process and better performance

The production process of the P-Laser uses 'zero-gas' technology, which reduces CO2 emissions by approximately 1 ton per kilometer.

Degassing is no longer necessary and the application of thermoplastic makes the production process from A to Z more efficient and fully integrated.

The ability to produce continuously in one piece greatly streamlines the production chain. This ensures that customers receive the cable they need quickly and in a form that is fully compatible with their existing networks.

The P-Laser performs excellently at higher temperatures than traditional cabling – the innovative cable extends the operational temperature range by as much as +20%.

P-Laser – the future of the energy distribution sector. The benefits for the customer:

  • Superior performance and reliability
  • Optimized production chain from start to finish
  • Lagere total cost of ownership
  • Your energy distribution is taking a sustainable path.