Draka and Gilde Vakcollege make young people warm for installation compartment

25/11/2022 - 12:00 AM

Bert Vos is a senior team leader at the Guild College of Technology, the largest engineering school in the Netherlands. Here, students from VMBO to MBO can train themselves as e-installers. Draka is happy to give the new generation of installers a knowledge boost and to inspire them, including at the Guild Professional Colleague in Technology. Bert explains the importance of electricians, how young people can be encouraged to enter electrical engineering and how Draka plays a role in this.  

The importance of electrical engineering
Bert explains how important electrical engineering actually is. “ Electrical engineering is o-ver-al. Everything needs electricity. The number of students who choose electrical engineering has remained fairly stable over the years. Nevertheless, we want to make more young people enthusiastic about this beautiful profession. ” Why do students often not choose electrical engineering? “ It is unknown to them. When you work in construction, you immediately see what happens and what you are building. Electricity is more often behind the whole and cannot be spotted immediately. ”

Enthusiastic students
Bert explains that students often think that as an electrician you become dirty and dirty. “ We still try to encourage young people to choose electrical engineering with the help of teachers who come from practice. They can share experiences and answer students' questions. Students also receive guest lessons from e-installers and the students also do internships at technical companies. We also try to make primary school students enthusiastic about the e-installation profession by visiting primary schools and to inform them about our school. ”

The new ‘ techniekhavo ’
The Guild College of Technology focuses on technology to train children who want to work with their hands. Our board has also created the technical HAVO. “ For example, students who choose HAVO can still be practically busy. They receive 10 engineering hours a week and also work with companies to solve problems for them. Theory is combined with practice. There is also an opportunity for the VMBO student to follow their MBO education at the Guild College. They can obtain two diplomas in six years. Electrical engineering is a beautiful profession, we as electricians literally bring light into the darkness. You make engines work, you help people. The foundation is laid with us, electrical engineering is everywhere. ”

Draka encourages students
The school came into contact with Draka during a scholarship. “ The click was there immediately, because Draka understands what education means. You know what you have together. It is very important that companies in electrical engineering and installation seek cooperation with technical schools. ”

According to Bert, it is important that manufacturers show themselves to young people. This is excellent in the classrooms. “ We have received a reel standing table from Draka and it has been given a very nice place. This is prominently located downstairs in the room and is used by ours when they are in front of the class. Draka is the largest cable manufacturer in the world and the young people can learn a lot from Draka. Think especially of the basis of electrical engineering, how everything is made. ”

Cooperation with Draka
In addition to young people, Draka can also play a role in teacher training. Draka shares knowledge about new innovations with lecturers in the form of master classes. According to Bert, this training can contribute to keeping the knowledge of teachers up-to-date. “ Many teachers come from practice, but this was for some years ago. Much has changed in recent times. ”

Bert certainly recommends other schools to cooperate with companies such as Draka. “ This way it can be tested whether the current course material is still up to date. You also know what is going on now and what is important now. You can also ask for help and get know-how. ”

Join in too!
Draka likes to collaborate with other schools to enthuse young people even more for the installation profession. For this we are happy to use our knowledge, master classes, competitions and material. Click here for more information.