E-installation for hoof examinations Frigo is tailor-made and future-proof

Grimbergen Installaties ontwerpt en realiseert de grote e-installatie geheel met Draka kabels.

09/05/2023 - 12:00 AM

In mid-2023, global player Frigo will move to a new headquarters in the port of Moerdijk. The new building includes a water-bound cold store with a capacity of 70,000 pallets and a new office. Grimbergen Installations designs and realizes the large e-installation entirely with Draka cables. For example, the installation becomes custom-built and future-proof.


On a 5.8-hectare site with its own 300-meter quay, a huge cold store with 31 loading docks, 6 large cold stores and an office ( total 62,000 m2 bvo ) will be built. With the new building on Middenweg, Frigo almost doubles its capacity. At the same time, the concentrated storage and transhipment of chilled and frozen products is a boost for the cooling and freezing cluster in Port of Moerdijk.


FRIGO 3.jpg

Logistics complex

Pieter Paardekooper is an old acquaintance of Frigo. The Grimbergen Installations project manager was therefore immediately commissioned to make a calculation and budget for the entire e-installation: from medium voltage to wall socket, including the fire alarm system, access protection, data communication, reefer plugs for the cooling containers, lighting and PV installation. According to Paardekooper, a cold store hardly differs from other utility buildings in terms of e-installation, even though there are new developments, such as mobile racks, sensor-controlled light lines and more compact halls.

“ It is not the storage that makes the complex, but the logistical value that you add to it. ”

Challenging design

The biggest challenge for Grimbergen Installations is the design. The transport and warehouse activities reliably with sufficient electricity require more than the connection capacity of 1750 kVA that the network operator Enexis offers here. But no more power is available. “ It leaves me cold ”, Paardekooper ( 68 ) jokes about what his biggest cooling project has been so far. He relies on his own - creative - ability. “ Making cable calculations is the best thing there is. ”


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Creative with cable

Paardekooper continuously adapts its installation design to the connection capacity on the basis of simultaneity. “ You constantly assess what you can still build, because with a change in a group cabinet you may need a different power cable and therefore new cable calculations and ultimately other cables. Most of the changes concerned the data network, due to additional cameras and displays. But the cooling cell doors, the connection power of which only became known during construction, also required design changes. We had to adjust the distributors and make new cable calculations. I often made them myself, but in some cases I had them checked by Draka. ”

Backup of Draka

This solution-oriented approach is characteristic of the installation company that can use the Royal designation. “ We are a solid family business that doesn't run away from anything, does what we promise and solve everything, no matter how many times we have to come back. ” He recognizes this attitude at Draka.

“ Draka also solves things and communicates smoothly. If there is a problem, we only have to call and we come to a solution together. It's nice to have a backup ”,

even recognizes the nestor in electrical engineering. “ Especially if you have to come up with a different solution in your design. ”


‘ Super flexible ‘ Vultflex XS cable

The e-installation is divided into segments. The medium voltage installation converts the incoming 10kV voltage via two transformers to low voltage ( 400V ). 2 outgoing fields with 3 compressors and 18 subdivisions are fed from the main distributors. Draka cables are used everywhere, a total of 68 km. “ We only use Draka, because Draka has a lot in stock and their cables are good and easy to process. ” In this project Grimbergen Installations processes Vultflex XS Dca ( ‘ super flexible ’ ), varying from 2.5 mm2 to 300 mm2, and UTP cable.


FRIGO 2.jpg

Without specifications within budget

Paardekooper is satisfied with the delivery at the door. “ Thanks to the budget approach, the customer receives a custom-built installation. Working on a specification would make this type of large project much more expensive. ” Now even preparations for a third transformer and 3 extra cold stores are included. “ Within budget ”, he says hypothermic.