First major housing project will receive more sustainable cable from Draka

For example, the Delft residential area will be given the scoop with the first large-scale application ( 60 km ) of a new, more sustainable cable: Draka VD E-LINE.

22/03/2023 - 12:00 AM

Newly built homes must become more sustainable. In addition to ambition and innovative solutions, this also requires close cooperation between construction partners. In the Grasbuurt 2 project, BAM Wonen, Schipper Electrotechniek, Draka and Rexel work together in a unique way to concretise their sustainability ambitions. 

“ VD E-LINE is a concrete step towards CO2 reduction and a break in trend to gradually get off VD wire ”, says commercial director Toine Verschuur.

With this new product, Draka kicked off in December for a complete range of more sustainable cable solutions for low-voltage installations: E-LINE. “ As the market leader, we innovate to make the entire chain more sustainable. Parties can also make new construction CO2 lighter behind the walls. ” Compared to ordinary VD wire, VD E-LINE has a smaller footprint with 32 percent less CO2 emissions. This makes the more sustainable alternative to VD wire unique for the Dutch construction and installation industry. Small-scale applications were already there, but Grasbuurt 2 is the first major project with a total of 60 km VD E-LINE.

Voortrekkers in innovation

“ It is fantastic that with these types of products we can make our homes increasingly sustainable and give substance to our sustainability strategy ”, says Maarten Strijdonk, director at BAM Wonen.

“ It is also great how innovation and sustainability go hand in hand with partnership. We have been working with Skipper Electrical Engineering for decades. By knowing each other's working methods and products well, we can renew faster and easier. ”
Skipper Electrical Engineering, specialized in non-residential housing, has a nose for firsts. The New Tonge family business was at the forefront some ten years ago with the use of pre-wired Draka tube ( Profit ). The Profit company now processes 80 percent of the approximately 2500 homes that it installs annually. When Mark Pieterse heard about VD E-LINE, the general manager contacted Draka. “ We only work with A + brands, because their quality and appearance are reflected in assignments. Draka is our purveyor and often leads the way, again. The use of 100 percent recycled copper and insulation with biobased ingredients is so new. Anyone can make an electrical installation. But to continue generating work you have to be groundbreaking, either in technology or in sustainability. And by working with large, innovative parties such as Draka and BAM Wonen, we can better market innovations.

Green light for Grass neighborhood 2
The installer and builder saw an opportunity to apply the new cable as a first on a large scale. Strijdonk: “ We are constantly optimizing and innovating. In this way we stimulate sustainable applications in our projects and we decided to invest together in the application of VD E-LINE in Grasbuurt 2, a sustainable and garden-like new construction project of ours in Delft. ” 
Skipper Electrical Engineering, which is a permanent partner of BAM Wonen for conceptual housing, takes care of the electrical installation from A to Z for all 157 homes in this project. Parties had to accelerate to apply VD E-LINE, because the structural work of phase 2, which will be completed at the end of 2023, had already started. When Draka and Rexel were willing to guarantee sufficient stock and weekly deliveries, the installation company was given the green light to process VD E-LINE in all 41 homes. “ We have been working together for some time and were therefore able to make good agreements quickly ”, Pieterse explains the successful operation.



Draka greatly welcomes the initiative of Schipper Electrotechniek with BAM Wonen. “ It is cool that they take this responsibility for the first large housing project and take a step into the future ”, says Verschuur. Rexel has been supporting sustainability and circularity for some time and is equally enthusiastic: “ This is a great example of how we work together on 100% sustainable ”, says Region Director West Fernando Dalmulder. Pieterse in turn calls the collaboration in Grasbuurt 2 ‘ top ’. “ We get all the cooperation to make it a success and our technicians pull the new cable as easily as just VD wire. ” Imke van den Boom, Sustainability Manager at BAM Wonen is enthusiastic about the project and is already looking ahead: “ We are always looking for new products that match our ambitions. Then we look at whether its application is scalable. VD E-LINE is in line with our new sustainability strategy. Within the theme of circularity, we want to apply biobased or circular products as much as possible. Draka VD E-LINE meets this and fits well with our vision for the future. Moreover, it turned out to be immediately applicable in one of our projects. We have more options to apply VD E-LINE and want to work with Draka and Rexel to see whether it is scalable for conceptual new construction, customization and renovation. ” 
Pieterse shares that enthusiasm and sees enormous potential: “ If the entire industry participates, VD E-LINE can become the standard. In any case, we will include it as a green alternative in our offers and are already looking forward to the following E-LINE products from Draka. ” According to Draka, the construction and installation sector does not have to wait long for that. Verschuur: “ We will market Profit with VD E-LINE for the summer. ” The trend has been set.