New range of more sustainable cable products: Draka E-LINE

Draka allows for more sustainable cabling

20/12/2022 - 12:00 AM

Draka is introducing a special range of more sustainable cable solutions this year: Draka E-LINE. With the new product line, Draka is responding to the growing demand for sustainable alternatives for the most commonly used cable solutions. VD installation wire is the first product to receive a more sustainable alternative. VD E-LINE is a first for the Dutch construction and installation industry and the kick-off for a complete range of more sustainable cable solutions for low-voltage installations.


The fact that Draka starts making her portfolio more sustainable with a commonly used article proves how ambitious she is. The VD wire is the first to have a more sustainable brother. VD E-LINE is characterized by 100% recycled copper, insulation with biobased ingredients, a recyclable Octabox made of recycled material and 75% less plastic wrapping foil for pallets. These environmental measures significantly reduce the CO2 footprint.

Fully sustainable portfolio

Draka wants to add new types to the E-LINE portfolio every year in order to ultimately be able to offer a full portfolio of more sustainable cable solutions for low-voltage installations. In 2023 there will be E-LINE variants for VULT installation cable, Profit pre-wired tube and Barnicol casting resin. The sustainable aspects can differ per product. Nevertheless, Draka uses a number of main criteria to reduce the environmental impact. For example, biobased and recycled raw materials, local production with renewable energy, sustainable packaging, zero-emission transport to customers, reuse of reels and recyclability of the product are examined.


Big ambitions

Draka not only provides more sustainable alternatives. As part of the world's largest cable manufacturer Prysmian Group, the manufacturer of Dutch soil considers it its duty to also express strong ambitions in order to inspire the entire industry to to step on sustainable solutions. For example, Draka plans to convert 50 percent of VD production in Emmen to VD E-LINE by 2030. By making a standard article in production and logistics very sustainable, Draka shows how she wants to stimulate the entire market as a forerunner in order to build more sustainably.


EcoCable label

It is currently difficult for installers and prescribers to determine how sustainable a cable product is. There are no specific, certified eco-labels for the cable industry. This slows down the sustainability and CO2 reduction of electrical installations. In order to meet the growing demand for proof of environmentally friendly products, parent company Prysmian Group was the first cable manufacturer to develop its own EcoCable label for cabling.


Measurable criteria

The Prysmian Group EcoCable label system classifies the environmental impact of a product family. The products are assessed for each stage of life on the basis of measurable criteria for the recycling percentage of the raw materials used, the presence or absence of toxic ingredients, the CO2 footprint of the raw materials and the production method, the degree of energy losses during long-term use, the CPR fire safety class and the percentage of recyclability. Only products with a relatively favorable, combined score on these criteria will receive an EcoCable label.