Basic school children inspire in the wonderful world of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics)

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Prysmian Group North Europe wants to positively influence local communities and work towards a more inclusive world.

20/07/2023 - 12:00 AM

That is why we use the power of education to inspire primary school children and to discover the wonderful world of STEM ( Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics ).

Prysmian Group recently organized a graduation ceremony for a project that inspires primary school children from disadvantaged backgrounds to explore the world of STEM. The curiosity of these young minds is fueled through a playful approach. In addition, the project offers invaluable educational opportunities.

Discover VOTE in a playful way
Earlier this year, Prysmian Group, together with an external partner and a local primary school in Delft, launched a project to teach children STEM. During this course, the young explorers got to know the world of physics, chemistry and biology in a playful way.

There was enthusiastic participation in various experiments and experiments. The children built rockets, created chemical reactions and much more. Through this practical approach, they not only developed insight into the worlds of STEM. The first seeds for critical thinking, problem-solving skills, creativity and teamwork were also planted.

Celebrate the performance
The highlight of the day was a real graduation ceremony that the children enjoyed to the fullest. They went home with beautiful certificates and presents. With the presentation, the performances were celebrated extensively and joyfully. Good proof of the power of education and how it can contribute to a better future and local communities.

A lasting impact
A similar project previously took place in Estonia, where children were given the opportunity to participate in a STEM summer camp. "It is not a one-off initiative, but a long-term project that we want to continue," said Dario Rugge, HR Director at Prysmian Group North Europe. "Prysmian Group wants to teach these young people knowledge and skills that can help shape their future." In the long term, this project can also help fill the pipeline of young professionals entering the labor market in a few years.

Equal opportunities for everyone
Prysmian Group attaches great importance to social responsibility. We also recognize the challenges of disadvantaged communities. That is why one of our spearheads is to create equal opportunities for children, regardless of their background.

"Teaching STEM topics is of strategic importance for a country's social development. It is our responsibility to include in these projects those who have fewer opportunities and less access to these types of innovative pathways, "said Javier Arata, CEO Prysmian Group Northern Europe.