At every stage of the cable life cycle, Prysmian Group Benelux is active with initiatives to improve sustainability and circularity. In certain phases, such as product design and production, the manufacturer plays a leading role, and in other phases it is other parties, such as suppliers, distributors, builders, installers and grid operators.

The optimisation of cable designs is an important part of the circularity approach for both the design phase and the end-of-life phase, so that fewer different materials and composites are used, which improves recyclability. In addition, we already make extensive use of recycled raw materials and materials and we want to further increase this share. We also reduce CO2 emissions  in the production process by implementing energy-saving measures. The installer can also reduce CO2 emissions during the life cycle by recommending the right choice of conductor cross-section. In the installation phase, Prysmian Group Benelux sees it as its responsibility to inform the market about the properties and benefits of different cables in terms of quality, safety and durability through education, training, documentation and campaigns. Read more about the aspects and initiatives at each stage of life below.