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You demand cost-effective solutions that are secure, compliant and high-quality. We deliver it.

The Prysmian catalogue of cable systems for midstream applications offers innovative solutions for oil and gas pipelines and the liquefaction and reagasification of natural gas.

We operate globally and support pipeline operators in LNG facilities around the world – from the United States and Australia to North and West Africa and from Russia to the Middle East.

From our global production facilities, we support you in all phases of a project, from design to production. After delivery, we assist you with business and maintenance activities.

Prysmian's Pipelines and LNG Portfolio:


Prysmian's pipeline catalog includes optical fiber cables for telemetry, leak detection and threat recognition monitoring systems. We offer solutions for both Distributed Temperature Sensing (DTS) and Distributed Acoustic Sensing (DAS) applications.

LNG Applications

Prysmian's LNG package includes HS, control, instrumentation and optical fibre systems. Our solutions are used in LNG liquefaction and regasification facilities around the world and deliver reliable performance in critical safety and operational applications. Our range includes cables that can withstand temperatures from +50 °C to –50 °C, gas migration and damage due to fire or chemical attack. The range complies with all leading international standards and products can be tailored to local requirements.